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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Benicia City Cemetery

Against my better judgment, I visited Benicia City Cemetery today.  Don't get me wrong- it's a nice little cemetery.  It's just very steep in places, and I'm suffering from a sprained ankle.  We're expecting another storm tomorrow, and I thought it best to beat the rain.  Wet or dry, bring your hiking shoes to this place!

Every stone seemed to have a symbol.  Gravestone symbols are not my expertise. 
This one caught my eye because I do know the Freemasons mark.

This grave marker made me feel very sad.  
I'll research this family and get back to you on who they were.*

I counted six little headstones in this family plot. 
This family experienced a great loss.

Even stone does not last forever.

*Well, I didn't do too well on the Vickers family. I know that the father, Michael Vickers, died in 1893 and that his wife Annie (nee O'brien) probably died earlier.   I'll have to make a return trip to the cemetery to see if I can uncover any more Vickers buried there.