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Monday, June 20, 2011

Carquinez Cemetery

Even though I could not find a gravestone for Charlene's grandfather, Joseph Martins, I did enjoy my visit out to the cemetery.  My mom-in-law decided to go with me.  I hope she'll go with me on future trips.

That poor old cemetery is in sad shape, but there's still quite a charm to the little place.  It not only is a very old cemetery (the first burials date back to the 1840's), but it feels old as well.  Picture a few green trees and lots of brown overgrown weeds surrounding the tops of barely visible stones.  The cemetery probably looks much as it did in its early years.

Wrought iron is not often found in town anymore.

The McCarty family plot is one of the nicer areas in the 
front of the cemetery.

Originally from Scotland, Thomas Brownlee married Mary Lamont
in New York City before moving to Vallejo circa 1857. 

According to Charlene's description,
Joseph Martins is buried somewhere under these trees.

Thanks for coming out to the cemetery with me, Mom.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rolling Hills Cemetery

Rolling Hills Cemetery is a very spacious and serene cemetery that sits on top of the hill overlooking Richmond and the San Pablo Bay.  Although it lies next to the highway, it has a very peaceful feel to it.

As I was leaving the cemetery to return home, I noticed a portion of the grounds called "Innocence".  This area contains the final resting place of children who have died.  This post is dedicated to them.

 Karl S. Britt, Jr.

Michael Nelson Holye

 Ashley D. Brawley

Kenyetta E. Ridge

 Justin Seng Phanh

Angelique L. Jackson

 Kyana Delisha Payton

 Tori Shannae Nicks