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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunrise Memorial Cemetery

I was overdue for a post, and since someone actually requested MY help through RAOGK (I only get a handful of requests through them per year), I thought it was a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, to say.  Yeah, I know.  Bad joke!

Most people can't claim to have good memories about a cemetery.  Sunrise Memorial is unique for me in that way.  I lived near the cemetery for a while when I was very young.  I remember being spooked out of my mind by my older brother telling me that zombies from the cemetery were going to get me while I was asleep.  I really believed him too!  And although I know now that he was pulling a fast one, I still tip toe around when I go to that cemetery.

It's been a while since I've been out there, and I was quite stunned to find that like everything else, it too has been hit by the tough economy. It seems that even in death, there no escape from this economic downturn!!

The office was closed due to staffing issues.  Thankfully, a groundskeeper was there today, and the lady that send me her picture request had the exact location of the burial.  The groundskeeper was kind enough to show me the way AND to trim around the stone.  What a nice man!

The request was for the gravestone picture of Dr. Franklin Ernst, Jr.  You can find his obituary here.

"Mastery of the universe is proportional to the
symbols man has by which to represent his universe."
Sunrise is an interesting cemetery.  Long ago, it was outside of town.  Now, it's in the center of town.  It's an old cemetery, but there are a lot of recent burials there as well, such as Dr. Ernst.  The good doctor is actually buried next to a lot of pioneer families including:

John Lee came to the area with his family
and the family of his brother, William.

George and Rachel (nee Marshall) Olinger were early
pioneers who moved to the county in 1854.

Interesting...I may be related to James Fenton Chappell.
I'll have to get back to you on that one! 

Update:   James Fenton Chappell is not a relative of mine.  An one-time mayor of Vallejo, James was the son of former State Senator and Assemblyman James Nathan Chappell (1822-1885) and Arvilla Fenton (1836-1911), early settlers of Shasta county.  James was married to Mae Corbett, daughter of the James and Margaret that is also on the above gravestone.

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