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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Calvary Cemetery- An Artistic View

While in Petaluma today for a day of Christmas shopping, Mike and I stopped by the Calvary Catholic Cemetery.  We found everything from Astro Turf to open [empty] tombs.  It was really a neat cemetery, and we were definitely not alone in thinking that.  There were lots of people visiting the cemetery today just having a look around.

Mike and I have two separate viewpoints of cemeteries- I am there to gather information, but Mike looks at the gravestones from an artistic point of view.  For my hubby, who is always so caring and patient and kind to me, I present his beautiful photography:

Mike took this creepy, but really cool picture
in the older part of the cemetery. 
I love it!

This cemetery sits in a lush green area of town,
but I really like how this picture looks as if 
the cemetery is in a desert.

Here is the real Calvary Cemetery.
Mike captured a spot which reminds me 
of pictures of Italy.

I'm just a point-and-click kind of gal so
I'm always impressed with how Mike
captures light in a photograph.

Mike is also really good at showing
the scale and grandeur of a grave.

Okay, so obviously Mike did not take this
picture since he is in it.  I just had to show
the great artist at work!

Thank you, honey, for being you.

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  1. I lOVE the black & white photo Mike took~it is creepy and beautiful all at the same time! Leni